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NetLS (Networking Leading Service) is a company with big ambitions, and a solid strategy for how to get there. Our management team is very experienced, and yet very open to new approaches. We are a Product-Outsorce company, and given our huge potential market, we are at the very early stages of what should be a very long run. We have been live seen 2016 year. We value quality over quantity. We constantly refactor the code and update technologies.

Team above all

We listen for developers’ ideas and implement them if possible. We work hard to keep our teams focused and to eliminate distractions. I make myself available to the team, and we spend time talking about personal life. I value work/life balance and rarely approach the team to work on something over the weekend. At NetLS, we are VERY team oriented, and we value our culture and the constructiveness of our employees more than any other factor. If that sounds right to you, please do send in your info. We look forward to meeting you.


Mission of the company:

To help the business and its client to establish long trusted relationships.


The company's goals:

To make the world a little better. We do what we like and, as we think it is necessary - rejecting patterns and stereotypes, positively referring to changes and novelty. The main credo is "The customer buys the result of a successful project, not the methods of achieving the goals." If you think our goals are the same - we will definitely work!


Our values:

Responsibility, honesty, loyalty, honesty and openness.

We believe that while the technical details of a prospective job are important, other factors are just as (if not more) important. I was lucky enough to meet a team that supports me in my goals in this area.


We work with

Back-end development

Front-end development


Mobile crossplatform


Adaptive layouts

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